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Captain Ball

It was sunny and windy at the same time.
It was like a familiar summer in Sydney, but this is home.
It wasn’t entirely humid, and the park was our friend.
We got tired from all the running, and we got tired from all the laughing.
It was sunny and windy at the same time.

The Broken Hairband

Have you ever had that moment when you realize, “I’ve had enough. It’s time to make a change.” ?
Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into the trap of self-pity, whereby we blame others and everything else in the world for the things that didn’t go our way. Note that I used the phrase “didn’t go our way” instead of the usual “wrong” because what seems wrong to us, does not necessarily mean the same to others. Or maybe what we wanted was actually wrong, and the diversion rectified the mistakes we made. Makes sense? READ MORE


I‘m feeling a little sentimental today. Or maybe it’s the pre-exam stress.
My calendar tells me it’s Brothers and Sisters Day. I think about a big bully I once knew who has grown into a fine, young man who is about to embark on another new journey with someone he loves. It wasn’t too long ago that he told me that he is now a part of God’s family too. I now have a big brother by blood, and by spirit. Someone mentioned in church yesterday, that when you see a loved one take the leap, you smile a different kind of smile – you smile with your heart. I could not agree more. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together