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Mailing a Magician

Few weeks ago, I wrote to a magician, well a mentalist more like.  I use the term magician so I don’t have to explain what a mentalist is. David was my senior who graduated few years ago, and his since made it big in the entertainment industry performing his mind-bending (or rather, fork-bending) tricks to the world. He also owns a successful restaurant in KL called Skewers, and hangs about showing simple magic tricks to his customers if he’s not somewhere else around the globe performing to a much larger crowd. READ MORE

How Sweet The Sound

After church, my friends and I were talking about the song Amazing Grace. We concluded that it is overused at funerals, and underused at normal occasions such as Sunday services. I’ve always liked this song because of its really beautiful lyrics, and it’s one of those songs that when I sing it, I mean every word. And the history of how this song came about is awe inspiring.
We need more songs like these. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together