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The Windows Affair


It has only been slightly more than 24 hours since I posted “The Mac Affair” and it occurred to me that I have almost successfully drawn a clear line between the Mac and Windows clan in my circle of friends.  The Mac Pack was very eager to help me with my conversion, and I quote one of them, “Welcome to the Mac side.”  The Windows Heroes screamed in horror upon my previous entry – they felt as if they were losing an honorary geek to a world-dominating cult.

To both parties, I say, “Chill lah.”

I wrote an extensive post of my personal opinion regarding Macs, but just because I focused less on Windows that doesn’t mean I was all ready to take the leap.  It’s like believing in a new religion, you know?  You don’t just jump right in.  You gotta pick one that ‘calls out to you’.  Lol.  Trust me, you guys made me dramatize this.

While the Macbooks were shouting and waving towards my way for the past couple of days and casting the Apple effect on me, the divine power of Geektopia somehow directed me to a different path.  That’s where I found this:


For those who thought that based on my last entry I was all ready to jump into Macville, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  Even though I expressed my wants as an ordinary consumer who occasionally lusts for those expensive sexy machines, my judgment was still very neutral.  I was just trying to keep my options open and to see from the point of view of the Mac Pack.

Now to all you Mac-a-bies, let’s be fair and see through the windows of….uh…Windows.

This is the Asus UL30VT.  It is 13″, weighs about 1.8kg and has a battery life of 10 hours.  Familiar?  It’s very similar to the Macbook Air, isn’t it?  It doesn’t have an optical drive, neither does the Air – and runs on a regular SATA drive of 500GB, more storage space as compared to the expensive 128GB solid-state drive of the Air.  The Asus utilizes the new low-power consuming Intel processors (ULV = Ultra Low Voltage) as well as the Turbo33 technology.  Turbo33 offers a simple and straightforward way of overclocking its system by no less than 33% via the included Power4Gear utility.  In other words, the 1.3GHz SU7300 processor is able to work at just over 1.7GHz without impacting stability and with a surprisingly small effect on battery life.

Uh, in short – it’s speedy enough for me to handle the tasks I want, much speedier than the Atom processors on netbooks, and consumes very little power.

Now check this.  The Macbook Air costs RM4299.  The Macbook Pro, RM3899.  The Asus is a well shy of RM2899.

I told you a Windows platform would save me AT LEAST one thousand ringgit.

Funny, I’m finding words to continue to add icing to my Windows thesis but I think the punchline was at the price.

Oh yes, its design and structure.  I think it looks good.  Almost similar to the Mac, which is why it does look good.  Oh and guess what?  It has a multi-touch trackpad too!  It also has a feature that I absolutely love from my current Vaio: Hybrid Graphics.  Which means if I want to save even more power, I can simply switch between its integrated and dedicated graphics with a push of a button.

I don’t know, the Apple effect is wearing out, isn’t it?  =)

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