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Testing PSU Without Mobo

If you don’t understand what that title means, chances are you won’t need to use this little trick that I am writing today.  But for the curious minds, here’s some clarification:

PSU: Power Supply Unit
Mobo:  Slang for Motherboard

So, today, I will be talking about a little handy and very popular trick that involves testing your computer’s Power Supply Unit without the Motherboard.
Understand better?
So yesterday my PC decided to tell me that I had to concentrate on my studies yesterday by making a loud, irritating clicking noise.  It was so loud it actually woke my roommate up from her nap.  Without hesitating I carefully opened my CPU case to detect the source of the clicking.  It became very obvious to me that the sound came from the PSU, probably a faulty fan or something.  I tilted the CPU a little bit and the sound ceased. READ MORE

The Windows Affair

It has only been slightly more than 24 hours since I posted “The Mac Affair” and it occurred to me that I have almost successfully drawn a clear line between the Mac and Windows clan in my circle of friends.  The Mac Pack was very eager to help me with my conversion, and I quote one of them, “Welcome to the Mac side.”  The Windows Heroes screamed in horror upon my previous entry – they felt as if they were losing an honorary geek to a world-dominating cult. READ MORE

The Mac Affair

I’m taking time off from Failure Analysis and Non-Destructive Testing to write this entry.  Because it has been bugging my geeky alter ego for awhile now.
My brother bought a Macbook Pro recently.  His girlfriend won an iPad not too long ago.  Now he’s suggesting that I should get a Macbook Air.  To complete the Apple family, perhaps?  My  brother and I share a lot of similarities, but when it comes to our preferences in gadgets we can be quite worlds apart. READ MORE

My Bokeh Desktop

I got a little bored of books and texts. So I pressed “Print Screen” and put this here.  For fun.
The quote by Plato was posted by my friend on his Gtalk status, and I really liked it.  I think it’s a great reminder for everyone.  So I edited my wallpaper and added the quote.  The other widgets and thingamajigs are customized by Rainmeter.
Goodbye, October.  Time to face the real giant, November.  Three words to describe this month: Deadlines, deadlines, Finals. READ MORE

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