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I Learn from You, You Learn from Me.

“Kakak, can you please take a picture of me? Pleeeeeaaaaase?”

“I have a best friend.  His name is John.”

“Kakak, I found this very nice leaf over there.  I give it to you.”
You know one of those days when you’re absolutely drained, on the verge of losing your voice and at the end of it all you plonked onto the car seat with a silly big grin on your face while your heart strings are pulled in all sorts of directions?  Yeah, that was last Friday for me. READ MORE

A Walk In The Park

I think we don’t give our university’s landscape enough credit.  The image quality isn’t that good, as these were taken with my phone’s camera – but I had to get stills of these anyhow. Maybe one day I’ll bring my camera along to get better photos.




Love In A Day

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Love is.  Love exists in the simplest forms.  Funnily though, while it only shows up when you look for it,  sometimes it also startles you unexpectedly…”
It’s a typical, old-fashioned cozy sort of cafe where none of its furniture seem to match.  Portraits of famous jazz figures hung on the walls and it would seem as if you cannot contain too many people all at once or it would lose its charm. READ MORE

Joie De Vivre

It’s a Privilege to wake up to blue skies.
It’s an Achievement that you meet all your deadlines.
It’s Madness when you think about the hectic week.
It’s Joy,
when despite the Madness,
you acknowledge your Achievements
and thank God for the Privileges
that taste so much sweeter after a series of hard work.
It’s Joy.

RoadTrip Series: Post Thoughts

Initially, I had a lot to say.
Like how we got together in the first place.
Or how we stole hundreds of song from our current favourite cafeteria.
Where we decided to hunt for RoadTrip T-shirts.
How the combination of Tania and Mildred neutralizes Eddy and myself.
How Tania stole my blanket in the middle of the night.  And Eddy too.
Or when we were too tired to entertain one another.
How we got addicted to Monopoly Deal.
How the two girls were always sleeping at the back of the car in the weirdest fashion.
How we’d sing songs out-of-tune deliberately,
and mumble to the parts where we don’t know the lyrics.
Eddy’s endless (failed) magic trick attempts.
How we named our car T-reX, and our GPS navigator Gloria Penelope Senorita.
When we walked in the rain just to find chocolate sauce for our strawberries. .. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together