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RoadTrip Series: Bukit Tinggi & KL

Author’s Note:  After a fantastic time in KL, we headed north to Penang, where my hometown is.  It was the end point for us where Tania met up with her boyfriend there, and Eddy was feeling a bit under the weather.  So it was a time of recovery for us, and took the chance to spend more time with my parents.
We took videos of our journey, and they’re in the process of editing.  The day before our holidays ended, all four of us met up again at our current favourite cafe in Ipoh to put a nice close to the wonderful chapters of our roadtrip.  Post-thoughts on the trip will come soon. READ MORE

Walking In The Rain

The RoadTrip Series will resume after this week, I’ve been way too busy to compile and edit my photos!   Due to the unusually long mid-semester break, all deadlines, tests, and presentations have been crammed to this week.  Those caught in the week’s madness have dark circles under their eyes and veins that are ready to pop out and strangle themselves.
But walking in the rain with a friend, sharing the same umbrella, to a shop that did not sell what we were looking for and walking all the way back again was oddly comforting.  If I could I’d walk without the umbrella but my friend insisted we cannot risk falling sick this week. READ MORE

To The Highlands We Will Go

For a to-be 22 year old, I’ve been quite privileged to be able to travel and see several parts of the world.  I’ve been to Singapore, New Zealand, Beijing, Sydney and various places in the different states of East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan).
But I’ve never been to the places that everyone else has been to.  I’ve never stepped foot on Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands in my entire life.  And according to my friend, “It’s time to pop those cherries.”  Haha! READ MORE

Halfway There – A Failure Analysis

Everytime I tell people that I’m taking a subject called Failure Analysis, I get funny response like,
“You can actually analyze failure? Like why students fail to pass up assignments?”
“So are people taking this course called failures?”
“Oh, so you all fail all the time wan ha?”
And my favourite, “OK, analyze him/her.”

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together