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Moon River & Polo Ground @Ipoh, July 2010

Before my Sandakan trip I hung around Ipoh with Alexis before departing to KL for our flight.  Oh, we caught the World Cup Finals too.  She brought me to a couple of places I’ve never been before, namely Moon River (with Ann Nee) and the Polo Ground.  Here are a few more snapshots of the little places I never knew existed in this little town.

For friends who have me on Facebook, you can view more photos from this set here:
A Little Bit of Ipoh before the Sandakan Trip. READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Finale

“This is your last week?  You’re leaving us already?”
After 8 months of industrial training I’ve become quite acquainted with the receptionist who once kind of intimidated me.  We continued to chat a little, with her asking me about my future plans like everyone else did.
Everyone was packing, even the permanent employees.  The company was undergoing some renovation and everyone had to be shifted to a temporary space.  Coincidentally, the packing day was the same day as my last – so it kind of added some dramatic effect to my exit.  Boxes everywhere, and I was helping my supervisor filter the things he no longer needed. READ MORE

Sandakan, July 2010

I was away for a week holiday at Sandakan, Sabah (yes, I hear some of you asking me already, what can you possibly do in Sandakan for one whole week?)  Whatever you’re guessing, you’re probably right.  There was nothing uber happening or crazy stuff to rock my socks off, but that wasn’t what I was looking for either.
I spent 6 full days immersed in the life of the sleepy town, visiting nature, getting soaked in the rain and capturing the bits and pieces of a place I’ve never been to before.  All in the comforts of warm hospitality (thank you Uncle David and Aunty Grace!) and a good friend (thanks, aLexis). READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Part 4

**Contains snippets of in-between thoughts from the author’s crowded mind.  May be boring.**
I find myself once again in a familiar place – the check-in counter where I almost missed my flight home. The only difference is that this time I’m on my way to another foreign land, a sleepy town called Sandakan at the Land Below the Wind.  I have a zero-fare ticket in my pocket and the perfect companion/host by my side.  So why shouldn’t I go? READ MORE

Hold On To That Speed of Light – Part 3

“I’m gonna paint my wall blue.”
I figured if I was going to get used to home, I was going to make it as homey as I could.  I wanted my own personal space where I could come home and unwind from a hard day’s work.  Dim lights would do the trick too.
My dad was quite cooperative in this little mission of mine.  I think he wanted me to feel very much at home as well, so this time he grumbled less and took home some paint catalogues for me the next day.  Thanks to dad, the wall was as blue as I wanted it to be within a couple of days. READ MORE

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