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We Were Immortal


4 years ago, I was at yet another transition point of my life.
Fresh out of high school, I seized a great study opportunity and went straight for university.
In a whole new territory of strangers, we were all just trying to fit in.
After all, these are the people we were going to live with for the next 5 years.

Heck, we were all set to be friends for life.

We were foolish, naive and young.

Late-night mamaks, weekend getaways, copying assignments, skipping classes, dirty jokes, lame jokes even, birthday celebrations, tasting Ipoh night life, tasting Ipoh chicken rice, getting involved in events and putting our footprints in the university, cramming for exams, cussing the university’s internet connection, saw one basketball court bloom into five, gaming addiction, fights, staying up wee hours in the morning to finish our projects…

…those were the crucial bits that transformed us from loud, brash kids into loud, brash adults.

Hey, you can’t change ’em all.

We thought we would live forever.

They say, “The best time of your life is when you’re in university”,
“Play all you can, cos you’ll be working all your life after you graduate”
and “Life only begins at 30”.

Subconsciously, we believe what they say.
When we hit 17, we couldn’t wait to get our driver’s license.  18?  Legal!
And turning 21 is such a big deal because we’re officially adults.
And then we cannot imagine being 30, 40, and so on.

Yesterday, one of us, celebrated his 23rd birthday.
Today, he passed away.

Yes, as blunt and brutal and cold as it sounds – it is as blunt, brutal and cold as it is.

It was so sudden, some of us thought it was a prank.  While we found out it was true, it took time to sink in.

While I was having dinner with my church friends, we spoke about our day, our jobs, our personal lives and it dawned on me that all that we worry about, all that we dream and hope for could vanish in almost an instant.  What do we leave behind when we’re gone?

Stories.  I see the people around me and I see stories.  A tale behind every soul that has ever walked on the face of this earth – regardless of how long, where or who.

If Jasmitt had a story to tell, it would be one that speaks about friendship, brotherhood, and staying true to oneself.  No pretense, no masks. He’s the kind of guy you’d call to wart off any useless buggers that come your way.

If you were to leave this earth right this moment, what would your story be?  Would it be one you’ve dreamed of since you were a kid, or have you been swayed by the harshness of reality to an extent that your story has lost its happy ending?

If you’re reading this, it means you still have time.  Proofread.  Edit.  Add a plot.  Add a few more characters.  Be a superhero.  Find God.  Whatever.

Because we’re not immortal.  No one gets out of this place alive.

So live already.


Dedicated to Jasmitt Bhullar.
26.05.1987 – 27.05.2010
Friend, joker, big brother, macha.

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  • Yes, this is exactly the point I wish to bring out. A person once told me, remember those who have gone to a better place but don’t forget to appreciate those who are still around you. Then he continued, there are hypocrites who said how sad they are when their friends left but they still mistreat the friends they have. My point is, remember those you had and appreciate what you have.

  • I do not know Jasmitt but only read abount him in the papers. All i can say is that its really sad to know of his fate…and feel the pain as well having gone through the same ……i lost my youngest bother 29 days after his wedding and here poor Jasmitt leaves his family and friends one day after celebrating his birthday.

    May god bless his soul and give his family and loved ones all the courage to carry on during these hard times.For his family- life will not be the same again…he will always be remembered……and yes i am still bitter about my brothers death.

    Ho Chi Minh City
    Socialist Republic of Vietnam

  • It’s time to walk the walk guys. It’s time to decide what we out of this life. Are we living it the way we want? Are we bringing joy into the lives of the people around us?

    Are we who we want to be?

  • Hi thank you so much about all the great things u have to say about my brother…
    where he is..what happened he has left our family in so much distress and despair..
    He was amazing..and we never knew anything about this..until the day he left…
    Its very heart breaking for us all agreat son,excellent student… fine friend,..
    I love u jasso..i miss you

    -simren bhullar-

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