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We Were Immortal

4 years ago, I was at yet another transition point of my life.
Fresh out of high school, I seized a great study opportunity and went straight for university.
In a whole new territory of strangers, we were all just trying to fit in.
After all, these are the people we were going to live with for the next 5 years.
Heck, we were all set to be friends for life.
We were foolish, naive and young.
Late-night mamaks, weekend getaways, copying assignments, skipping classes, dirty jokes, lame jokes even, birthday celebrations, tasting Ipoh night life, tasting Ipoh chicken rice, getting involved in events and putting our footprints in the university, cramming for exams, cussing the university’s internet connection, saw one basketball court bloom into five, gaming addiction, fights, staying up wee hours in the morning to finish our projects… READ MORE

The One We Can’t Get Away With

I feel old.
I blame it partly on my day job. I’ve been an intern for the past 6 months with 2 more months left and I’ve seen various batch of interns from other universities come and go.  I’ve grown accustomed to the 8-5 schedule, suffered Monday blues, started calling my senior colleagues by their first names and had my fair share of tasting office politics.
Sometimes I really think 8 months of internship is a wee bit long. READ MORE

Different Worlds

As I dismantle objects for the sake of troubleshooting, collect data for analysis and brainstorming over possible solutions at the production line, a grid comes to my mind and images start to form and put themselves together, forming a complete workable website.  And then I think about which path I want to take after my internship period.  Then I remember that another friend’s coming over for dinner tonight, followed by guitar sessions, and a little bit of craft work.  Oh, and my new PC that won’t start due to a faulty motherboard. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together