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The Finish Line

We are early.  A little too early that we are spoilt for choices when in choosing our seats.  As I look around I spot a couple of familiar faces – people whom I have specifically come tonight for.
“So you’re all pink tonight.  Pink is the new black, so I heard.”
“Yup, have to.” He shrugs, with a slight hint of nerves.  Who wouldn’t be anxious anyway?  It’s a big night.  It’s the big stage.  It’s the big show.  It’s the big finish line. READ MORE

What Money Can’t Buy

Let’s face it.  Designers are an anal bunch of perfectionists who want nothing more than to be adequately valued for their work.
Of course, that being said, there are many kinds of people out there who call themselves designers.  But I will leave that topic for another day, when I feel a little bit more pissed off than usual about this term that has been overused without being true to its meaning. READ MORE

Putting It Together

Here’s my most expensive toy investment to-date:

After weeks of sourcing for best prices and finding the pieces that would fit, I finally had a taste of putting some of the bits and pieces together today.  And I think the person who invented the cable tie is a genius.
I’m not even sure if I had the cables connected alright.  Or if this thing would even start.  I can’t find out yet cos it’s still missing a heart.  (Hey, that rhymes!) READ MORE


I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it… I always want to see the third dimension of something… I want to come alive with the object.
-Andrew Wyeth

It’s a Mad Annual Thing We Do

The air was humid, and there was a weird smell coming from a few feet away from me.
I thought about a friend’s white-water rafting-bungee jumping-abseiling mission today and I concluded that this was the same level of craziness, just in a different dimension.
My mom and I walked closely, not wanting to lose sight of one another because back-trafficking would cause a disaster.  This was not a place to run around or hop to whichever corner we want.  There was a strong current coming from every direction we could possibly imagine, pushing and shoving us to unwanted places if we weren’t careful.  From time to time I had to check with my mom if she was okay, if she was feeling dizzy yet.  Where we were wasn’t the best place to have weak knees or pass out.  We’d be trampled over. READ MORE

The Art of Giving

There was one shot too much in my coffee.  Slightly more bitter than usual, I hardly consume more than two shots of caffeine.  But it didn’t matter, I had great company.
Buying coffee for a friend is a luxury.  Because it means there is someone who is willing to spend that extra time to talk about everything under the sky or even just silently sipping that dose of richness with you.  It can be an expensive treat, depending where you are, but it’s one of the best ways to cheat Time.  Although, Time isn’t fooled easily.  From one topic to another, next we found ourselves in her car waiting for my ride to go home. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together