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The Magic of Reunion

I was looking for a familiar face as I entered the porch of the house.
“Where’s Mushu?”  My mind and voice spoke in unison.
I greeted my grandparents, my aunt, my uncle and my cousins and headed straight to the backyard.
Ah, here you are buddy!  My my, how you’ve grown! Granny must be feeding you well.
“Nah, we feed him this everyday, Ah Yau brings this back from work.” My grandma was holding something that looked pretty much like a doggy bag. READ MORE

A Crabby Weekend

I was on a mission last weekend.  Was actually a tad lazy to post this but I am in the midst of clearing up my to-do list before Chinese New Year.  Anyway, I promised Krista I’d do a short review on this since she was the one who sent me on this mission in the first place.
Went to Ipoh for three reasons:

To deliver The Kooky Jar cookies
To see my dearly-missed friends
To find and taste the famous Bercham claypot crabs

Mission 1 & 2 were easy.  Mission 3, though, I had to cajole three other friends to navigate, drive and accompany me to this widely talked-about place.  All four of us in a Myvi, partially lost and partially hungry. READ MORE

I Say a Goodbye, and then a Hi…again and again.

Back in our schooling days in uniforms and pinafores, we were told that our friends will last forever. From friendship rings, matching clothes, secret handshakes and languages – we never really thought much about tomorrows; tomorrows without one another. Even at home, our conversations with our parents were filled with “what he did”, “what she said” and “where we went”. READ MORE

weivern.com Bit by Bit, Putting it Together