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Having a birthday nearing the end of the year always gives someone a little extra to ponder upon.  An entire year has almost passed, and it does make a person feel a year older.

The world’s culture has led me to believe that turning 21 is quite a big deal.  My mom told me that turning 21 only happens once a year.  I replied, so does turning 22, 23, 24, etc.

I don’t like parties or huge celebrations.  But little things do matter to me.  Such as a friend who drove all the way from outstation just to surprise me on a Sunday morning (okay, that wasn’t so little), or when a couple of new friends come up to me after church service and sang me a birthday song and prayed for me and the many wishes that come by – they count.

What do I make of becoming 21?  Can I just say that… I’m glad I made it this far? I can almost hear guffaws coming from those who are older and reading this.  Yes I know I don’t know what it’s like to be 30, 40 and more.  And I know there is a whole lot more out there for me to see.  I officially became a teenager in 2001, so I can testify that life as a teenager in the Y2k generation is quite a daunting task, hence pardon my lack of stamina.

A lot has happened, a lot has changed.  One minute we think we’re ready to wrap up, a wicked twist takes place and the ride begins all over again.  That is why I admire writers who can conjure a complete book, telling their life stories as if they had the plot under control.

I can reflect all year long, as I always do – and I’ll find a way to put them all into words bit by bit, piece by piece.

But for now, being 21 as it is, from my little corner and a content sigh…

…I’m glad I made it this far.  =)

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  1. you are now an adult. and believe me, everyone you know and love is thankful that you made it this far too!! and love that corner of yours too. personally, i have a corner like that too. 🙂

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