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2009, You’ve Been Quite A Year

January was adrenaline.  To watch one my favourite Broadway singers LIVE, and to pat the most handsome dog in the world.  To meet up with a stranger whom I’ve never seen up close before, and to catch up with an old friend whom I have dearly missed.  What more, to do all that in a foreign country!
February was challenge.  To turn ideas into something real.  To watch a bunch of little hands working together to produce something new, something fresh.  Never in my life would I ever imagine that I would paint a church.  Moving out to a bigger building was so exciting.  We even got help from a pair of hands all the way from Melbourne! READ MORE

Wa Si Penang Knia

Sitting in the middle of the street isn’t a norm for everyone.  It’s more like madness, or in worse case scenario – suicide.  Yet, I’ve done that countless of times with a bunch of fun-loving people whom I grew up with.
I can’t do that in the streets of KL, or even in Ipoh – for some reason I’d feel like a fool.  But doing so on one particular tiny island, though not known for her hygiene, I’ve never felt more at home. READ MORE

Who Would Imagine A King?

As I reached the ground floor to proceed to the car park, I could not help but feel the unusual cool morning breeze and it made me smile to myself. It was just another working day, albeit the last one of the year – but in my mind, I was not thinking about deadlines, nor projects.
In my little crowded mind, I was only thinking about tomorrow.
It was the busiest time ever up in the factory. Top-of-the-class engineers were hustling and bustling, as though preparing for something big. Through the holy grapevine, it was said that Someone had issued Code 7.0, and everyone were on their toes, eagerly waiting for instructions. READ MORE

From My Little Corner

Having a birthday nearing the end of the year always gives someone a little extra to ponder upon.  An entire year has almost passed, and it does make a person feel a year older.
The world’s culture has led me to believe that turning 21 is quite a big deal.  My mom told me that turning 21 only happens once a year.  I replied, so does turning 22, 23, 24, etc.
I don’t like parties or huge celebrations.  But little things do matter to me.  Such as a friend who drove all the way from outstation just to surprise me on a Sunday morning (okay, that wasn’t so little), or when a couple of new friends come up to me after church service and sang me a birthday song and prayed for me and the many wishes that come by – they count. READ MORE

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